Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Range of Reactions

I'm watching CNN broadcast from the Mall, and I better get moving because it's filling up fast. My friends are I debating whether to line up along the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route or to go for a jumbotron near the Washington monument.

I started spotting more people in town for the Inauguration yesterday-- running into many of them on the Metro. Easily spotted, they wear Obama pins, carry bags full of Obama souvenirs, and have a kind of starry-eyed excitement about them.

Some have traveled very far to be here. I talked to a barber who has cut the hair of a South African and an Irish broadcaster. I met two Irish women in New York who are in the crowds today. I wrote about their desire to see "O'bama" inaugurated on Pavement Pieces.

Of course, there's a sizable conservative contingent who is not excited. The managing editor of the American Spectator jetted out of town to flee the excitement and spend the week in Miami. He wrote this post on inaugural hypocrisy before he left and pointed me to this editorial in the Washington Post: It's Your Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To.

Time to bundle up and head to the Mall. See you under the next administration!

Inaugural Hypocrisy [American Spectator]
It's Your Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To [The Washington Post]

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