Friday, January 16, 2009

Gearing up for Souvenir Hunting in D.C.

My article on Inaugural travel waning has been picked up by the Orange County Register and is on A2 of the Epoch Times today.

In the original version, before it was cut down from 1500 words to 800, I included an interview with Belinda Dixon, a fervent Obama supporter from Staten Island. A Democratic district leader and NYPD secretary, I discussed her in this (no longer prescient) post on the weather. One of her biggest regrets in not going to D.C. this weekend is missing out on the souvenirs.

Slate has an article on the wacky souvenirs on the Web at the moment. Obama thong anyone?

Cold, crowds and lack of cash dampen inaugural tourism [Orange County Register]
Thongs We Can Believe In [Slate]

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