Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inauguration weekend events in D.C.

The main event of Inauguration weekend is Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony, but that does not take place until Tuesday. With Monday being MLK day, many traveling to D.C. hope to make it a full weekend event. While waiting for the ceremony and processional parade to the White House, what will people in town for the Inaugural weekend do with themselves?

There are official inaugural balls organized by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which are TBA as of now. And then there are unofficial balls, organized by State Societies and other groups. with tickets ranging from $100 to $1000.

The Washington Post has an article based on Destination D.C.'s listing of events:

Those parties will range from elegant to sparse, with guest lists and prices to match. Washington's A-listers usually skip balls for quiet dinners with friends and leave the public celebrations to visitors and newcomers in town.

New Yorkers, that means you!

Inauguration? Follow All the Bouncing Balls [Washington Post]

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